Ribbon replacement for Office 2007

If you are a long-time user of MS Office, there is a good chance that you are quite fluent in the traditional menus and shortcuts of earlier versions and might feel like the ribbons introduced with Office 2007 are slowing you down considerably.

Given that third parties are able to provide add-ins for Office 2007 which allow you to operate the applications in the way you are used to, for the most part, it is somewhat odd that Microsoft did not bother to provide Office users with a choice of either using the new ribbons or the old-style menus.

The Classic Menu for Office 2007, also available for individual components, if you feel like you wouldn’t benefit from having this feature available in all of the Office applications, provides a look and feel which is not quite identical but still very close to the “old” Office 2003 menu structure.

Screenshot of Classic Menu for Word 2007

For personal, non-commercial use, UBitMenu might also do the trick as freeware. Additionally, UBit’s version of the software might be of interest commercial users, too, since it comes in a multitude of languages and with a very competitive base price and a minimal (less than a dollar) license fee per user.

Screenshot of UBit's Classic Menu for Word 2007

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