How to manage privacy on Facebook

I originally started out using Xing (formerly OpenBC) and LinkedIn for social networking and only recently added Facebook into the mix. Initially I thought Facebook, just like MySpace would be geared mostly towards personal contacts rather than professional networking, but as it turns out the same amount, if not more, of my professional contacts are maintaining a presence at Facebook, several of them not even listed at either one of the two more business-oriented sites listed above.

Just today a colleague of mine skyped me to let me know that she’d take me off her friends at Facebook in an effort to keep personal and professional networking separate, since she did not want too many friends of friends knowing about the mundane things in her life. While we were tossing privacy concerns back and forth, she then came upon two links providing helpful information on how to obtain more granular control over your privacy at Facebook than is afforded with the rather limited number of default options available.

Now, if I only could convince Facebook to retain the friends list assignments I am making, instead of forgetting them within minutes without any rhyme or reason to it as to for which users it keeps them and for whom not …