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To find out how your current web hosting company is doing, enter their domain name in the search box at http://www.webhosting.info/webhosts/search/.


OLM.NET, a company I used many years ago, but eventually left because of quality of service issues, right now fares like this:


From there, I moved on to OneOnOneInternet.com, who provided pretty good service to me until they were bought out by a larger competitor, which eventually resulted in major quality of service issues:

 As  a result, I switched my sites to 1&1 Internet:

WildWestDomains.com, an affiliate of Internet powerhouse GoDaddy was another provider I had considered switching to when it was time to part ways with OneOnOneInternet.com:

While the above graphs are mere snapshots of a five-week period, they can serve as an early warning sign in case something is up at the hosting company.

To keep tabs on the uptime / availability of your website

If you would like to keep an eye on the quality of service provided by your web hosting company, particularly if your website is up / available or down, consider using the services of a web monitoring company.

One such company, offering its services for free for a single URL (e. g. your home page), is Monitis.

If you are satisfied with their product, they also offer paid subscriptions which enable you monitor multiple pages and/or points of interest of your site.

Exalead, a Search Engine Featuring a Lot of Minute Details Missing from Google’s Interface

Exalead, a search engine developed in France, provide a lot of little details that can make searches more fun, providing a pretty intuitive interface.

For instance, a thumbnail preview of web pages found is displayed next to the search results, dynamically generated corresponding terms and categories are presented so that the user can fine-tune the search, and options to narrow results down by language and/or file type are offered.  While these options are available in Google‘s search engine, too, you will have to select the “Advanced Search” to take advantage of them.

Exalead logo

Online Edition of “Meyers Taschenlexikon”

At its scope of approx. 150 000 entries, the online edition of Meyers Taschenlexikon might not be as much of a heavyweight as the German branch of Wikipedia, but it can help in ascertaining the correctness of Wikipedia entries you might not be sure are correct.  Access to this encyclopedia is free; discussion of articles is possible upon free registration.

Q&A Communities

To find answers to some questions you never dared to ask anybody else, or to find an answer to something that is on your mind, check out any one or all of the following sites: