How to backup and restore Outlook Express “Blocked Senders” list and other “Mail Rules”

When I recently tested Kapsersky Internt Secuirty 2008, it wiped out all mail rules in Outlook Express, replacing them with their two KL (Kaspersky Labs) rules for handling spam.

If you want to avoid the headaches of rolling things back to a previous restore point in order to retrieve your old mail rules, you can find a description of the necessary steps in Microsoft’s Knowledgebase at

Longer Support for XP Home and Media Center Edition

Microsoft has announced that it will provide support for XP Home and Media Center Edition (MCE) for the same 5 year period after the release of Windows Vista as for Windows XP Professional.  This is a welcome reprieve for XP Home users who otherwise would have had to live without patches and updates for security issues.  “Mainstream Support” for the Windows XP product family will continue until 2009, followed by “Extended Support” for another five years, until 2014.